TMS thoroughly evaluates its potential clients and ultimately chooses players that exhibit the talent and drive on the court in addition to being well-rounded off of the court.  In the global basketball community, reputation is one of the most important attributes of a player and an agency.

Please contact us whether you are an agent, a coach, a general manager or a player.


When the player chooses TM Sports, we like him to sign a 2-year standard contract.  We do this because we want to show a long-term commitment to the player that he is and will always be a part of the TM Sports family.

The contracts we use are the standard NBA and FIBA contracts.  We do not add any additional language to these contracts.  These form contracts are available online and can be quickly downloaded.

Once the player is signed, the work is only beginning. 


TMS requests that the basketball player provide (1) a highlight film and (2) full-length games of the player’s 5 best games from the previous season. Our videographer edits the film and uploads the best game to our Vimeo site which can be found at: http://vimeo.com/user7608893/videos.

The player's highlights are a good introduction to his abilities and attributes on the floor.  When a team is interested, they request at least one full-length game to see how a player looks throughout the course of a game.  It is critical to select representative game film in order for a team to fully appreciate a player's talent.

In addition, TM Sports has numerous resources at its finger tips being based in New York City.  TM Sports is connected in the marketing arena and can offer players services in this realm.


TMS vigorously promotes its players to clubs and coaches throughout the world using its vast network of international contacts in an attempt to place the player in the best possible situation to succeed. We have quality contacts across the entire world including the United States, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

In addition to representative game film, TM Sports actively promotes its players to international agents, coaches and general mangers.  TMS has partnerships with several agents in Europe giving us numerous local contacts to teams.

Typically, the highlight film or the player's biography is one of the first tools the club uses to evaluate whether or not that particular player would fit well on their team.  Once this initial evaluation is complete, the team requests at least one full-length game to see what the player brings for the entire 40 minutes of a college game.

While, the team is reviewing film, we are constantly going to bat for our player and informing the team about the player's character. 

Accordingly, during this period, we work vigorously to obtain a job for the player in promoting him and getting him into a good situation.


At TM Sports, we believe that the first contract is just the beginning of a long-term relationship. Once the player is placed, we continue to promote the player and look for opportunities for the next year and beyond.

Additionally, TMS is always keeping an eye on the future and can offer advice as to what situation best fits a player.  TMS also has a trainer that it works with.  The trainer we work with has worked with numerous NBA players.